Our Story

Sam DiPiano, President and CEO of HAUS Capital Corporation has been in the mortgage industry since the early 2000s. After being in the industry, he realized clients deserved more - a great mortgage experience with superior customer service. This was an opportunity to enter the market and change the way we do business.

Sam officially established HAUS Capital in 2017 with his strong commitment to home ownership and making the American dream a reality for his clients. HAUS Capital is a registered mortgage broker for Upstate and Western New York. In 2021, HAUS Capital grew their business with HAUS Mortgage in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to bring our knowledge, experience and personable customer service to homebuyers in the area.

At HAUS Mortgage, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. Our flexible and innovative mortgage solutions allow us to meet your budget needs.

Mission Statement

HAUS Mortgage is committed to providing exceptional customer service with a superior mortgage experience.

Vision Statement

Built on a foundation of service, accountability, and continuous improvement in Upstate New York. Haus Mortgage is committed to bring the same quality service and mortgage experience to Pennsylvania.

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