Why a Broker?

A decision that most borrowers should think about at the beginning of their home-buying journey is who will help them secure a loan. There are many options available: big banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers.

It's common for borrowers to think their bank used for personal checking and savings accounts can and should handle their mortgage. Still, it's important to consider the benefits of all the options available.

Benefits of using a mortgage broker for your home loan:

Work with a team that specializes in mortgages: A mortgage broker only has one thing in mind - your mortgage. At the same time, big banks having many products available to sell to customers. This means you might not be getting the most knowledgeable or experienced team.

Make sure you are getting the best rates: A mortgage broker works with various lenders to find the lowest rates and costs. This means a lower monthly mortgage payment for you.

Close faster on your home loan: A mortgage broker is agile and able to close on most home loans in 30 days or less. This means less time wasted in the process so you can get into your home faster.

At HAUS Mortgage, we make the process of buying a house simple.

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